The Journey Begins

I believe that life is a series of journeys, each with a beginning and an ending. These series end and begin again once a memory is revealed. After this memory is revealed , the journey that follows is a multitude of experiences that bring light onto spaces in our mind, our body, and our soul that were previously unclear or dark. As we reveal our light, our memory is acknowledged, we become closer to a sense of weightlessness, and we move into the preceding series with a better awareness of self and of our service in this life.

These spaces that are unclear, dark, or stagnant, I believe, are due to a block in our energy field. These blocks are placed there during a particular moment in this life or perhaps in one of our past lives. May it be a particular moment of trauma or pain or some other uncomfortable emotion that our consciousness struggles to transform into light energy, therefore instead creating a block. When life blesses us with the tools to eventually recognize and ponder this block, our consciousness no longer struggles and we are able to clear the block as the light warrior we know ourselves to be. It is at this point that a memory is revealed and we are set more free than we were before.

NUTRITION can play a major part during this journey of shedding light onto the dark spaces. I dedicate this BLOG to the sharing of my personal and professional experience on how proper nutrition can provide support for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body throughout our lives. Get ready to read short stories that you or someone you know can relate to as well as sample recipes for you to incorporate into the lives of you and your loved ones!