According to Ayurveda…..

….the Heart is the seat of consciousness, rather than the brain, as these beautiful South Indian women friends of mine exhibit for us. The heart is considered the true or divine self. Therefore how we feel in our hearts is the measure of who we really are. Thinking with our heads is usually a superficial impression, which will pass through us via our senses. We all know that heart dis-ease is one of the main causes of death in the United States. This can be accounted for because the heart is denied in our culture…..a culture that values personal achievement rather than unity with others. Most of us know someone who has passed from a broken heart or lack of spirituality, even if they may seem successful on the outside. Moreover, the American diet of sweet & salty foods, animal fats & fried food, along with a sedentary lifestyle, sets us up to be prone to heart ailments.

So how can we use the concepts of Ayurveda to strengthen and heal our beautiful hearts?

First off, since the heart is an organ of emotion, emotional causes of any type of heart dis-ease should always be considered first. Whether it be difficulty in work or in relationships or with the present state of affairs of our world, we must address the emotional factor as to why we are not in touch with our own hearts or why we may show insensitivity to the hearts of others.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, most heart dis-ease is characterized as too much Kapha (earth/water) which is represented by being overweight and having stagnation in the tissues and organs. Hypertension is commonly a Pitta (fire) disorder where Vata (air) heart disease shows up as a drying out of the tissues and hardening of the blood vessels….something we usually see with the elderly.

The recipe and tonic below are specific for giving some love to our powerful hearts. Try them this month! And make sure to practice the sensual oil blend on yourself and maybe also with that special someone who inspires a unique type of love within you. If you’d like a more specific protocol, feel free to contact me to schedule a session that will surely allow you to better understand what foods and herbs are best to uplift your spirits and harness a deeper sense of love within.

Heart Tonic for all Doshas

Arjuna is an Ayurvdic herb that tonifies the heart and lungs, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscles, stops bleeding and promotes the healing of tissues. It is good for all three doshas!

For Kapha folks, take the tonic with honey, for Pittaswith cool water or ghee and for Vata types with warm water or ghee. Take 1-3 grams three times daily when needing some heart therapy.

For dosha-specific diets to accompany this tonic, be sure to reach out to me andschedule a nutritional session, so that we can best support the empowerment of your heart.

4 parts Arjuna
2 parts Ashwagandha
2 parts Guggulu
1 part Cardamom