Ayurveda exists to keep mankind healthy

This is its primary goal. The drive is to maintain good health and to experience longevity of life, if not immortality (spiritual immortality that is). Quite simply, Ayurveda can be seen as the remedy for suffering….to keep people healthy so that they can pursue their more important spiritual goals.

So let’s start by asking yourself, “What is my spiritual goal?” Is it to attain a peaceful state of mind? Is it to wake up each morning with a feeling of pure joy? Is it to become a more sensitive being? Is it to listen more acutely to the whisper of your soul? Or is it to figure out what exactly is your spiritual goal?

Whatever it may be, Ayurveda suggests we learn to create an optimal lifestyle for ourselves in order to attain our goals. In terms of nutrition, that lifestyle includes when we eat, how we eat, and what we eat. For starters, here are a few tips to follow below. For more detailed protocols to meet your individual health goals according to your body type, feel free to contact me for personalized programs.

• Eat a highly-digestible warm medium-sized breakfast at least 1 hour after waking. Make sure it’s nutrient-rich!
• Eat your largest meal midday. Be sure to include highly-digestible proteins.
• Eat a warm small meal at dinner, at least 2 hours before bed. Avoid high amounts of protein. Soups are best!
• Avoid snacking. Instead drink tulsi tea, fresh vegetable juice or fresh coconut water.