AYURVEDA, the ancient healing system of India, can act as a tool for bringing longevity to your life and vibrancy to your health. If there’s one thing you can do to make a positive impact on this world we live in, may it be to learn how to care for yourself via conscious eating and lifestyle, and thus creating a reality for inspiration and empowerment. Let’s start by veering away from the idea of “dieting” and more towards the idea of creating a lifestyle that is supported daily by the essence of Ayurveda.

Lifestyle is the foundation of health and it is the foundation of Ayurveda.Dr. Marc Halpern

Ayurveda recognizes three primary life-forces or doshas in the body:






Earth & Water

These doshas determine the life processes of growth and decay. When they are out of balance, the doshas are the causative forces behind the disease process.

Ayurvedic diagnosis of disease is based on these three doshas, and much of the treatment is according to the six tastes.

These tastes, “rasas”, are: SWEET, SALTY, SOUR, PUNGENT, BITTER, ASTRINGENT.


The rasas possess therapeutic properties and they increase or decrease the doshas. Everyone needs a certain amount of each of the six tastes and the proportion differs according to the constitution of the individual. Too much of a particular taste can be harmful, as can too little. Furthermore, each taste relates to certain organs and when in excess may damage that organ.

The six tastes are also the flavors of our various emotions and can affect us in the same way as diet and herbs. Emotions have the same effect as food or herbs of the same energetic quality. Therefore, herbs and diet are not enough, and the taste of the mind must be addressed as well.

I am here to assist you to recognize and understand which symptoms correlate with which dosha and how to nourish yourself with proper food, herbs, colors, sounds, aromas, touch (massage), yoga, meditation, and daily lifestyle techniques that encourage a healthy doshic balance for your individual body and mind.

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