Ritual of Eating

Wash the hands, face, and feet

to purify the sense organs that will be fed and to sooth the nervous system. 

Sit while eating, facing east

to properly align the body with the earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s gravity, since the sun is Fire and so influences digestion. 

Select an isolated

clean area to eat in. 

If possible, the right nostril should be functioning

since the right nostril 
heats the body and so increases the digestive fire. 

Give thanks

to Nature for your meal.

Before beginning the meal, feed someone.

This is a way of controlling the 
ego, an admission that the food is intended not for mere self-gratification but for the greater good all of beings. Feed anyone-a pet, a neighbor, a stranger. 

Observe silence during the meal

Concentrate on your food: no TV, radio, music, computer, conversation. Observe silence during the meal and sit and chat afterwards if desired. 


each morsel 32 times (once for each tooth). 

Reverence and Love

Approach each food item with reverence and love. Even if you are eating 
or served something you do not like, consume it with respect for its sacrifice. Hateful thoughts will stick to the food and accompany inside of you.

Completing your meal

At the end of the meal, give thanks again, clean the mouth, urinate but try avoid defecation and take a brief walk, 100 steps or so. 

After eating

Avoid exercise or sex within an hour of consuming food and sleeping and studying with 2 hours.

Be Nutritious

Never eat when angry, depressed, bored, or otherwise emotionally unstable, immediately after exertion or when not physically hungry.