Cooking Instructions

Ayurvedic Spice Blends

Without oil:

1) Spread evenly your desired amount of spices onto a skillet. Heat on low. Use no water or oil. Only the spices.

2) Once you smell the aroma of the spices, you then know the oils have been released. At this point, turn          heat/flame off.

3) Add spices to whatever you may be cooking. Be sure to add the spices in the beginning of the cooking process. For example, add to grains, steamed vegetables, soups, scrambled eggs, or sprinkle over popcorn for a yummy treat!

With oil:

1) On medium-low heat, melt desired amount of ghee or coconut oil to skillet.

2) Add desired amount of spices and mix with ghee or coconut oil.

3) Add grains, soaked legumes/beans, vegetables or whatever else you may be cooking. Mix together and add desired amount of water.


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