October 1st-10th, 2016

Available Worldwide at a Base Price of $108, Click HERE to register

Now is the the time! The fall season is that time of year when it is pertinent that we come together to restore our physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies in order to prepare ourselves for those winter months ahead. Let’s avoid that winter cough, cold, or flu…..let’s avoid those spring allergies….let’s eat the foods & herbs appropriate for the season and for our dosha (body type), let’s move in this world with grace and strength, and together let’s be the best empowered version of ourselves….

JOIN US. We begin on the new moon closest to the fall equinox, the most epic time for NEWNESS, RESTORATION, & GROWTH.

This program is AVAILABLE WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THIS WORLD… long as you have access to wifi and a mailing address. Check out all the nutritious and delicious details below:

…..This program is inspired by the NAVARATRI CELEBRATION in India and Nepal as well as the healing system of AYURVEDA……

$108 Includes the following:

  • Wellness Program with Dosha-Specific Meal Plan, Herbal Plan, Simple Fall Recipes, Daily Self-Care Protocols and more
  • Wellness Program Herbs & Teas mailed to your address
  • Access to Opening Informational Conference Call with Jessica Quinn & Vedic Scholar: Prashanti de Jager
  • Access to Online Forum with daily nutritional downloads and on-call assistance from Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious



$40 per day with 3-day consecutive minimum order.
MAUI RESIDENTS ONLY. Pick-up at a convenient island location.
Includes the following:

  • 1 quart Ayurvedic Fall Vegetable Stew Medley (varies daily)
  • 1 pint Ayurvedic Evening Herbal Liquid Nectar (varies daily)
  • Assortment of teas

*Instructions on how to signup for your meal plan will be emailed upon registration of BASE PRICE above.


MORNING SELF-CARE MEET-UP (October 2nd, 9-11am)

  • 2-hour gathering at a beautiful northshore Maui property
  • Hot/Cool Plunge, Foot Massage Baths, Oil Massage, Herbal Facial
  • Tea concoctions

*Instructions on how to reserve your space will be emailed upon registration of BASE PRICE above.


- Gently and effectively restore and nourish our physical, emotional, & spiriually bodies
- Provide a generous boost to our immune system
- Become more aligned with the natural rhythms of nature
- Integrate the essence of Ayurveda into your daily repetoire
- Understand more fully what foods & herbs are appropriate for your wellness during this season
- Support and be supported by our international community



Ayurveda for the Fall Season

with Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious

Saturday, Sept. 10th, 10am-5pm, MAUI

Hosted in a beautiful North Shore setting



-Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Diet, & Herbs Specific for Fall Season                                                                                              -Food Preparation Demonstration with Recipes                                                                                                                  -Ayurvedic Dosha Pulse Reading                                                                                                                                             -Alkalinity/Acidity Balance & Food Combining Principles                                                                                                -Ayurvedic Herbs, Teas, and Blends to Share

$108 includes Ayurvedic Lunch, Snacks, & Tea

REGISTER HERE. Space is limited.

Recently back on island after journeying to India and beyond to deepen her studies in Ayurveda, Jessica feels honored to share her findings with her Maui community. As a Nutritional Therapist inspired by this ancient medicine originating in India and applicable today, Jessica will focus this one-day workshop towards learning how to attain optimal wellness specifically during this fall season via food, herbs, recipes, nectars, lifestyle tips, self-care techniques, nutritional downloads, and more. Join us!

Check out our FB EVENT as well!





July 24th, 2016 in San Diego



“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman…”

» Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


On July 24th, in Southern California, come along with Caroline Sánchez of The Hula Hoop Girl and Rachael Alaia of Wild Soul Wellness (+ their special guest, Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious) for a unique mind, body, soul retreat to explore the heart of your own Wild Woman nature.


— Mindfulness meditation
— The power of play
— Nature as healer and guide
— The intelligence of the female body
— The traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda
— Holistic nutrition for women’s health
— Dance and movement arts
— The rhythms and cycles of womanhood
— An introduction to archetypal studies and the art of storytelling
— Deep ecology and Earth wisdom
— Altar design and preparation
— Introduction to the five elements and the four cardinal directions
— Ritual and ceremony
— Soul sisterhood connections
— Sacred activism and living soulfully

— An opening invocation and altar ceremony
— A meditation and yoga practice with Rachael
— Therapeutic nature connection practices
— A hands-on session in intuitive eating for wellness
— A women’s Ayurvedic health discussion with Jessica
— A dance and body play movement meditation with Caroline
— A sisterhood wisdom circle



Ayurveda-Inspired Yoga & Food Program

March 14th-18th, 2016 at Infusion Yoga Studio in Paia                                       

Welcome in the season with this nourishing spring cleanse! After being educated in India this winter, Jessica’s program will use modalities such as food, herbs, yoga, pranayama, meditation, & self-care techniques specific for this season and for your individual body type. Join us & learn how to integrate deeper into a lifestyle of joy, balance, & ease. Choose your focus: weight loss, digestion, or hormones.

3-day Program: $400    ($350 w/o yoga class) 

5-day Program: $500    ($450 w/o yoga class)


• Nutrition Class & Info Session: Sun, Mar. 6th, 11-1pm at Infusion Yoga (Drop-in $40)
• All Meals & Elixirs delivered to Infusion Yoga Daily                                                                                         • Daily meditation/yoga class at Infusion Yoga led by Jessica (4 mornings, 1 evening)                                       • Individual Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis (performed at Nutrition Class)                                                          • Cleansing Packet with Guidelines & Ayurvedic Rituals                                                                                       • Online Forum for Nutritional Info & Communication                             

REGISTER BY FEB. 15th  for $40 Early-bird discount       

REGISTER FOR 5-DAY PROGRAM: Click HERE                                                                  REGISTER FOR 3-DAY PROGRAM: Click HERE

REGISTER FOR 5-DAY PROGRAM (without yoga): Click HERE                                                       REGISTER FOR 3-DAY PROGRAM  (without yoga): Click HERE





Yoga & Nutrition with Jessica & Abigail

November 9th-13th, 2015

Temple of Peace in Haiku, Maui

FALL is the perfect transitional time to cleanse your lungs and boost your immunity for the winter months ahead…..

Let’s integrate the concepts AYURVEDA, (the ancient healing system of India), to dive deeper into SELF and more into EASE….through the use of nourishing foods, stimulating herbs, our powerful breath, rejuvenation self-care techniques, & the healing practice of YOGA. Give yourself this time to reboot your system and tranistion into a lifestlye fit for your optimal health.

Join Jessica Quinn, (Nutritional Therapist), and Abigail Perrin, (Accomplished Yoga Instructor), on Maui this November for the opportunity to experience an Ayurveda-Inspired cleansing journey. Come to a daily Slow Flow morning Yoga class at 8am-9am and/or a Restorative evening Yoga class at 5pm-6pm at the Temple of Peace in Haiku, pick up all your cleansing food and elixirs after class, and move about your day with grace. This program can fit into any working schedule!


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS October 25th : $75 Discount
3 Day Program : $300
5-Day Program: $400

REGISTER NOW for 3-Day: Click HERE

REGISTER NOW for 5-Day: Click HERE

Program INCLUDES….

-Ayurvedic Nutrition Class & Info Session for Cleanse Wednesday, Nov. 4th @5:30pm-7pm at Temple of Peace in Haiku. This will be an opportunity to receive your Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis to determine prominent dosha (Donation-basis or FREE for those who register for the Fall Cleanse Program)

-Daily Slow Flow Yoga Class 8am-9am and/or Restorative Yoga Class 5pm-6pm at the Temple of Peace in Haiku.

-All Meals and Elixirs Delivered to Yoga Class each Morning or Evening (INCLUDES: morning elixir, 2-3 kitchari meals prepared specific for your body type, evening vital broth, Triphala digestive enzymes)

-Individual Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis

-Cleansing Packet with Guidelines and Ayurvedic Rituals

-Online Forum via

NOTE: This is an excellent program for first time cleansers as well as those with experience. We will be eating everyday.

For more information contact Jessica Quinn (808) 268-2225



an Ayurveda-Inspired Yoga & Nutrition Program in San Diego


FALL is the perfect time to cleanse your lungs and boost your immunity for the Winter months ahead…..
Let’s integrate the concepts Ayurveda, (the ancient healing system of India), to dive deeper into SELF and more into EASE….through the use of foods, herbs, the breath, rejuvenation self-care techniques, & yoga….

Join Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious 
at Happy-U Namasté Yoga Center in Ocean Beach, San Diego
this October for the opportunity to experience an Ayurveda-Inspired cleansing journey…..check out the details below!


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS September 27th : 20% Discount
3 Day Program : $279
5-Day Program: $319

REGISTER NOW for 3-Day: Click HERE

REGISTER NOW for 5-Day: Click HERE

Program also INCLUDES….

-Ayurvedic Nutrition Class & Info Session for Cleanse: Sunday September 27th @ 1:30-3:30pm @ Happy-U Namaste Yoga Center ($20 for class or FREE for those who register for the Fall Cleanse Program)

-Individual Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis

-Workshop Packet with Guidelines and Ayurvedic Rituals

-Daily Morning Yoga Class 7:30-8:30am with Jessica Quinn (Vini Yoga & Maya Yoga Inspired)

-All Meals and Cleansing Elixirs Delivered to Happy-U Yoga Center each Morning

-Online Forum

NOTE: This is an excellent program for first time cleansers as well as those with experience!! We will be eating everyday.




July 4th, 2015

Tarifa, Spain @ Los Banos del la Luz, Facinas

10am-5pm,  50 euros

Includes Yoga, Nutrition & Cooking Class, Lunch, & Bellydancing Class



Join Nutritional Therapist Jessica Quinn,  visiting from the islands of Hawaii, for a Saturday interactive workshop infused with yoga, nutrition, and cooking inspired by the concepts of the  ancient healing system of Ayurveda.



10:00 ~ Kundalini Yoga Class with Cloe followed by an Ayurvedic Elixir

11:30 ~ Nutrition Class with Jessica Quinn

12:30 ~ Ayurvedic Cooking Class with Jessica Quinn

14:00 ~ Ayurvedic Lunch

15:00 ~ Bellydance with Carolina (men can join or watch!)

~ Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis available upon request~


For more info call Saara in Tarifa at 633582593



To watch our VIDEO on our Spring Cleanse & Rejuvenation: San Diego, May 18th-22nd, click below:






A Yoga~Nutrition Program, May 18th-22nd

Time for your SPRING CLEANSE!!

Let’s use food, herbs, yoga, & the breath to dive deeper into SELF and more into EASE….

Join Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious at Happy-U Namasté Yoga Center in Ocean Beach, San Diego this May for the opportunity to experience an AYURVEDA-Inspired cleansing journey with a bit of Hawaiian flare…..check out the details below!

3 DAY PROGRAM: $249/person 
5 DAY PROGRAM: $299/person 


REGISTER NOW for 3-Day: Click HERE

REGISTER NOW for 5-Day: Click HERE

Program Also INCLUDES….

Introductory Nutrition Class Saturday May 16th @ 12:30-1:30pm (Free and open to the public)          Individual Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis                                                                                                                        Workshop Packet with Guidelines and Ayurvedic Rituals                                                                                   Daily Morning Yoga Class 7:30-8:30am with Jessica Quinn                                                                                              All Meals and Cleansing Elixirs Delivered to Happy-U Yoga Center each Morning                                      Online Forum                                                                                                                                                                  On-Call Nutritionist

NOTE: This is an excellent program for first time cleansers as well as those with experience!!!




SPRING CLEANSE: seasonal online guided cleanse

Nutrition & Yoga with Jessica & Abigail

March 19th-April 8th, 2015

$217 ALL INCLUSIVE 3-Week Program ($10/day):

- Orientation Conference Call: Monday, Mar 16th, 1pm PST (optional)
- Cleansing Packet with Guidelines, Meal & Herb Plan with Recipes
- All Cleansing Herbs/Teas/Spices (mailed to your home)
- 1 YOGA Private Consultation
- 2 Personalized Audio YOGA Classes designed by Abigail (see bio below) specifically to support your cleanse
- On-call support by Nutritional Therapist Jessica
- Online Active Forum for Discussion and Cleansing Information

Some features of the cleanse available for your experience:
- Rituals & Self-Care Techniques of Ayurveda
- Meditation & Yoga
- Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
- Green Coffee Enemas
- Colon Therapy
- Liver Flushes
- Day of Silence

REGISTER HERE to ensure your spot!


Abigail Perrin
Abigail has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 15 years. She finds enormous beauty in sharing an effective practice. Abigail has been teaching for over 10 years and works to create a gentle yet dynamic practice for her students. Over the years, she has had the honor to study with renowned teachers including but not limited to; Chuck Miller, Manouso Manos, Patricia Walden, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Richard Freeman, Anna Forrest, Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mitra, Tim Miller and Kofi Busia.



3 and 5 Day Ayurveda-Inspired Cleanses

Click HERE for info and to register for our SAN DIEGO Cleanse (March 18-20, 2014)

Click HERE for into and to register for our BAY AREA Cleanse (March 24-28, 2014)



Ohana Free Clinic in Haiku, Maui

Come and experience our Ohana Free Clinic!

Open for walk-ins every Wednesday starting January 22nd, 2014, from 2pm-6pm.
Receive FREE nutritional consults from Nutritional Therapist Jessica Quinn and/or FREE sessions from Energy Medicine Practitioner Maygen McGrew.

For more info or directions: call (808) 268-2225 or visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE.


Wanderlust Oahu Feb.27-Mar. 2, 2014

Come visit Nutritional Therapist Jessica Quinn at Wanderlust Oahu!

She will be offering free min-consultations in the morning hours as well as discounted hourly consultations in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday during the event. Please stop by her booth to schedule an appointment….






Radiance MAUI: Yoga~Cleanse~Celebrate

 Nov. 13th-22nd, 2013 ~ 8am-11:30am Mon-Fri

Located in a private home in Haiku, Maui

Join Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious and Yogini Jen Solé Weller (see bio below) this November for their Yoga~Cleanse~Workshop on the beautiful island of Maui!!!

This Ayurvedic and Chinese inspired cleanse integrates both nourishment and purification by providing a delicious whole foods diet with superfoods and superior herbs to effectively detox your body and soul. Learn the appropriate food choices, yoga practices, self-care techniques, and meditations that correlate with the changing season to bring our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies into balance and harmony with nature.


-all meals provided (combination of cooked and raw vegan cuisine with superfood smoothies)
-one vinyasa yoga and pranayama class per day
-nutrition class and recipes
-all herbs, teas, and essential oils
-meditation and deep relaxation audio downloads

8:00am- Pranayama and Meditation
8:45am- Light Breakfast and Discussion/Q&A
9:15am- Yoga Class
11:00am- Lunch and Take-Home Dinner

Early-Bird: Ends November 1st. 10% off.                                                                                                                                                                                      Click HERE to register.

*Space is Limited*

If traveling from off-island or for more info, contact Jessica Quinn at (808) 268-2225 or for recommendations on places to stay and more info about event.



Jen Sole Weller is deeply passionionate and devoted to uplifting conciousness. Her first exposure to yoga was in her mother’s belly. Today, teaching yoga has become a natural extension of Jen’s lifelong practice of bhakti ~ joyful & mindful living. Her unique approach to yoga is inspired by tantra, ayurveda & the natural world. Yoga with Jen is physically invigorating, yet incredibly grounding and nourishing. Jen’s classes are a fusion of asana, pranayama, bandha, kriya, & meditation ~ powerful tools for realizing our highest potential. Jen lives on the vibrant island of Maui, HI and leads retreats, workshops and classes internationally. She is co-founder of Living Dream Retreats. Come awaken the divine and experience movement as medicine!



Be Nutritious at Symbiosis Gathering!!!

Sept. 19th-23rd, 2013

Come stop by our booth! We’re sharing a booth with Fourth Dimensions Designs and will be selling our Ayurvedic Spice Blends as well as offering mini nutritional consults. Learn how to boost your immune system during those festival festivities….



August 5th-9th, 2013

“The Joy of Discipline”

Join Jessica Quinn and Mackensie Grant for this 5-day cleanse and a deepening into your yoga and breath practice….

Located at the “Ohana on Opana” (private home in Haiku, Maui), 8:00am-12:00pm Daily

During this workshop you will be guided through a 5-day cleansing program in which you will acquire a better understanding of how to prepare high-vibrational meals and will have the opportunity to develop your own personalized yoga program. Come and experience the joy of discipline!!!

Jessica and Mackensie will incorporate various Chinese and Ayurvedic modalities into this cleansing and yogic program, through the use of food & herbs, cooking methods, yoga postures, meditations, and the use of our breath.

$370 All Inclusive
Price Includes all classes, food, and herbs for the 5 days.

Register by July 22nd and save 10%

Space is limited
Call (808) 268-2225 or Click HERE 

8/5 Monday
8:00am- Pranayama/Yoga Class
9:15am- Light Breakfast
9:30am- Nutrition Class/Cleanse Intro
11:30am- Lunch and Take-Home Dinner

8/6-8/8 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:00am- Pranayama
9:00am- Light Breakfast
9:30am- Yoga Class
11:30am- Lunch and Take-Home Dinner

8/9 Friday
8:00am- Pranayama
8:30am- Light Breakfast
9:00am- Individual Yoga and Nutrition Appointments
11:30am- Lunch and Take-Home Dinner


Jessica Quinn

Mackensie Grant is a bodyworker of over 10 years, and will be offering private sessions during the week of the workshop and during the week after. She specializes in lomi lomi nui in the lineage of Abraham Kawai as well as other forms.

Mackensie has been practicing yoga for 19 years, and teaching for over 10.  She has studied with many great teachers including John Friend, Richard Freeman, Sophia Diaz, and John Travis. Her roots are deep in Hatha yoga, particularly Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga as well as Vipassana Meditation.

Her passion is for realizing the truth, and the deep journey of uncovering who we really are. Mackensie’s classes are powerful and rooted in the true spirit of yoga….”to breathe and move with the divine essence of life.” Mackensie has clear understanding of the biomechanics of the body and guides a safe class, grounded in the Universal Principles of Alignment, allowing all students a gateway to their own vitality, health and joy.














Step into the summer sun feeling and looking so fresh and so clean….

Our Summer Lovin’ Cleanse will focus on strengthening the heart and its corresponding emotions of vitality, enthusiasm, and love. So go ahead and give yourself some lovin’ by joining Jessica Quinn of Be Nutritious as well as other cleansers for this 5-DAY early summer cleanse. Our Cleanse Program is influenced by the healing systems of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.

There are 2 START DATES to choose from for this cleanse:
June 17th-June 21st
June 24th-June 28th

$107 Includes the Following:
-Cleanse Packet with Meal Plan & Recipes
-Cleansing Herbs/Teas/Oils (mailed to your home)
-Daily Online Nutritional Information/Practices
-Online Support by Jessica Quinn, CNT
-Online Interactive Forum

Prepared Meals for pick-up: (Located in Haiku, Maui)
-$60 per day (includes lunch and dinner)
-$110 for 2 days (includes lunch and dinner)
-$160 for 3 days (includes lunch and dinner)
-$210 for 4 days (includes lunch and dinner)


Contact Jessica Quinn for more details or questions…
(808) 268-2225




Wanderlust Oahu Interview: March 5, 2013


Interview with Jessica Quinn, CNT of Be Nutritious at Wanderlust Oahu



Jessica Quinn, CNT, with EDB writer Scott Cooney, and Andrea Bertoli of

Her mission is to share knowledge of the medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy, fulfilled life. Recently, we sat down with Jessica Quinn, Certified Nutritional Therapist, to talk about food, her clientele, changes in food culture, and common sense approaches to holistic health. 

Scott Cooney: How did you get your start as a Certified Nutritional Therapist?

Jessica Quinn: I was a teacher to Special Needs Children on Maui, and saw the nutritional deficiencies they had. That lead me to study and assist a Chinese medicine doctor, where I started my path in nutrition.

SC: You’ve been giving nutritional consultations all weekend long to yogis at the Wanderlust Oahu festival. Isn’t that kind of like preaching to the converted?

JQ: We can never assume that everyone coming in was already eating really well, even a crew of yogis.

SC: That’s really surprising. What do people mostly ask about?

JQ: Many [Wanderlust Oahu attendees] just want to know more about nutrition. Most folks coming in have had questions about inflammation and stress, as well as skin issues.

SC: So what do you suggest when people ask about these things?

JQ: Usually the symptom is inflammation in one form or another–it can express itself as digestive challenges, bloating, pain, headaches, migraines, redness, rashes, etc. I ask them about their diets in 20-30 minute consultations. Commonly there are reactions to dairy, wheat, meat, GMOs, and sugar.

SC: So just by talking through what they like to eat, you’re able to get an idea of what might be causing a reaction of some sort within the person. Interesting you mention GMOs, since the industry swears up and down that there’s no difference from a GMO product to its natural equivalent. What have you seen?

JQ: Mostly it’s a brand name I recognize to be a GMO product. So I suggest, among other things, that perhaps the person cut that product out and I suggest a healthier replacement. Then the client and I keep in touch and I monitor the results. I wouldn’t venture to say there’s a causal relationship based on the limited sample size and lots of confounding variables, but it seems to work. I see vast improvements in the inflammation symptoms, and, better safe than sorry, right?

SC: What are the main principles you try to give everyone?

JQ: I’m mostly focusing on alkalizing the blood, the idea behind food combining, in order so that the proteins are digested properly, as well as antioxidants, anti-imflammatories, etc. In addition, what works best working with the person, wherever they are. I have clients who come to me and say, “I drink 4 bottles of wine per night.” or “I will not give up meat.” I work with these folks to take baby steps, like incorporating some rosemary to their favorite traditional dishes first.

SC: OK, so if I come to you and say, “I drink a lot of beer. I mean a lot.” I mean, just hypothetically, for the sake of argument, you know…

JQ: Well, hypothetically speaking, I’d tell you to think about alkalinity. When your blood pH is veering acidic because you, uh, I mean someone, drinks too much beer from time to time, it can open the door to disease, inflammation, and discomfort. The best pH level is 7.35 to 7.5, at which point disease cannot flourish. Stress contributes to blood acidity, but not the stress that most people think of. Stress in the pH balance comes from your body being stressed by fighting off pesticides, hormone residues, GMO foods and foods from which many people have some sort of allergic response. So I’d suggest for people to build up their alkalinity throughout the day if they know they’re going to do something that causes acidity later that night. Start the day with a nice superfood smoothie. Drink a little apple cider vinegar in water at some point in the day.

Second, look at food combinations. In terms of food combining, the most common place that acupuncturists insert needles is stomach 36, as a result of the stomach being unable to digest proteins. When starchy carbohydrates (like potatoes) get into the stomach, they can absorb all the hydrochloric acid that is supposed to break down proteins. This is what happens when people feel really bloated. It’s because food has triggered your stomach to start releasing hydrochloric acid, but that acid can’t do its job well because it gets absorbed by other foods that are not well combined.

Last, don’t drink a ton of fluids with your meals. It’ll flush away your hydrochloric acid and dilute your ability to digest. A tea with ginger and turmeric might be helpful to stimulate digestion after a meal, but try to space out the eating from the drinking so your stomach can do its job.

SC: Thanks! Super helpful. How can folks get in touch if they want to get help?

JQ: I do consultations in person on Maui and wherever I may be visiting, via Skype and phone, and have an online forum on my website,

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