From India to Maui

I laughed when I tried to imagine consolidating into this one paragraph all of the lessons and inspirations I experienced during my time in India. Yet in the next moment, it was clear……to sum it all up, to put it very simply…..BE POSITIVE. I laugh still because this could be considered a very common spiritual bypass, yet in reality, positive thought patterns can shift any stressful situation. And stress creates dis-ease in the body, right? So whatever may be happening with you, or a loved one, or the world in general, my message from India and from some very prominent teachers I met over there is: BE POSITIVE. In fact, the Ayurvedic Doctor whom administered my Panchakarma (3-week Ayurvedic ancient cleansing program) reminded me that every situation has both a positive and negative component. So when we feel bogged down by negativity, there will always be a positive aspect embedded within. And vice versa….in every positive experience, there will always be a negative aspect as well.

So try it out. Watch your mind. Check yourself before you speak. Make sure your words are positively positive. Seek out guidance if you need help doing this or offer guidance for another, if the moment arises in which another is open to receive. Repeat your favorite mantra in your mind while you work, while you take a drive or walk, or while you ride the bus or metro. Stay as positive as you can and you will eventually emanate more of who you truly are and in turn your health will follow this positive lead. This is what my time in India reminded me of. This is what I will keep in my pocket as I settle back into life on Maui. For all of this, I am grateful.