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Jessica Quinn NutritionistJessica Quinn‘s mission is to share knowledge of the medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy fulfilled life. She offers conscious and healthy resources, classes, cleanses, workshops, and retreats for those willing to further advance their healing and happiness.

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2000, Jessica travelled the world and found herself making home on the island of Maui, where she worked as a credentialed teacher to children with Special Needs. During her time with the children, she began to take more interest in learning how to incorporate proper nutrition into their diets. Jessica then met a doctor of Oriental Medicine, whose inspirational teachings encouraged her to further her studies in nutrition and more specifically, Ayurveda, and then integrate her acquired knowledge back into the community and into the lives of children.

Today, Jessica offers her services as a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Therapist on the island of Maui, California, India, as well as in various locations internationally. She offers nutritional consultations, seasonal online group restorative programs, joint consultations with Prashanti de Jager, leads workshops, retreats, nutrition, & cooking classes, and acts as a personal chef & caterer for individuals & groups.

She continues to be influenced by the Ayurvedic model of wellness and has recognized the importance of a high alkaline diet, proper food combining meals, as well as a daily breathing, meditation, and exercise practice to achieve optimal balance within our health and happiness. Jessica has had the honor to study with renowned teachers including but not limited to: Dr. Malik Cotter, DOM; Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician;  Prashanti de Jager, Ayurvedic Scholar; Nicki Doane & Eddie Modestini: MayaYoga and Mirka Kraftslow: ViniYoga.

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