Let’s celebrate!

And what a better way to celebrate National Nutrition Month than to learn how to integrate 5 simple Ayurveda-inspired nutrition concepts into your daily routine……with the intention, of course, to enrich and empower your life as well as the lives of those within your reach. Read below to see which or all of these 5 spark your interest.


1. Drink Warm Water. The whole idea is to keep the digestive fire (agni)burning within us. Drinking warm water rather than ice cold water will not only hydrate us quicker, yet it will also allow our digestive fire to stay lit. There’s a phrase that one of my teachers always says, “The digestive capacity of our gut matches the digestive capacity of our mind, and the digestive capacity of our mind matches the digestive capacity of our gut.” So let’s keep our digestive capacity strong and our mind will follow!

2. Make Lunch your Biggest Meal. Digestion is the highest midday when the sun is at its peak. I know this concept may be contradictory to many of our lifestyles, yet if you can find a way to experiment, this concept is capable of improving your health on a very large scale. It may increase overall energy, allow for a more restful sleep, improve focus, begin to heal our precious GI tract, and much more. The list is endless!

3. Use Spices! One thing that I see missing in many people’s meals and liquids is the use of spices. Let’s experiment with spices not only for flavor, yet also for digestion purposes. Certain spices support your body to digest AND absorb nutrients. Try out the simple agni-stimulating tea recipe below (specific for spring time!)…..it incorporates spices for the purpose of flavor as well as for digestion and absorption.

4. Walk 99 steps, live ’til 100. My doctor of Oriental Medicine always quotes this ancient proverb. And it is so true. So after dinner tonight, be sure to put on your warm coat and take a stroll around the block by yourself or with a loved one whom you shared a meal with tonight. Walking after a meal will further strengthen your agni…..and it’s all about the agni folks! Make it a meditation….turn it into a routine….live to a healthy 100!

5. GHEE. Enough said. Drink it, spread it, cook with it, blend it into your tea or coffee. Just find a way to get it into your system. Choose a “true” ghee such as Ancient Organics and feel free to make a mini-consult with me to learn how to use ghee appropriately for your unique body.