My Story

“My wish is to inspire others to feel empowered in such a way that they may learn how to care for their body and mind with an essence of truth, vitality, and ease.”

UC Berkeley:
Bachelor of Arts 2000
National University:
California Teaching Credential 2004
Huntington College of Health Sciences:       Comprehensive Nutrition 2009
Maya Yoga:
Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor 2012
The Ayurvedic Institute:
Ayurveda Correspondence Program 2015
Samata Retreat Center in India:
Ayurvedic Kitchen Studies 2016
California College of Ayurveda:
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist 
2019 (in process)

Dr. Malik Cotter, DOM 

Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Doctor

Prashanti de Jager, Ayurvedic Scholar

Dr. Marc Halpern, Ayurvedic Doctor

Tess Rosenbush, Ayurvedic Scholar

Nicki Doane, Master Mayayoga Teacher

Eddie Modestini, Master Iyengar Teacher

Kay Huckabee, Master Iyengar Teacher

Mirka Kraftslow, Master Viniyoga Teacher

My curiosity about health and ease, started at my young age of 14. My 46-year old mother left her body after her struggle with liver cancer and I became determined to understand health, wellness, and energy. Thus began my journey of seeking patterns and the connection between health and ease.

Recognizing the correlations between dis-ease, emotions, nutrition, and lifestyle became my passion. I started with my own health and noticed how the quality of my physical and mental wellness would shift based upon what I chose to put into my digestive tract and what I chose to allow into my life in general. While studying at UC Berkeley during my undergrad years, I noticed that my intuition grew stronger and my confidence in trusting my personal experience began to deepen. Those questions I had as a young 14 year old were being answered.

Yet, as my curiosity grew, new questions arose day after day. I then understood that immersing myself within my healing community and experiencing a more hands-on approach to wellness was pertinent to understanding how I may best care for myself and then be of service to others.

In my late 20’s on Maui, I found what I was looking for and I learned one, if not the, most valuable lesson. While studying under one of my teachers, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I witnessed how the relationship between practitioner and client is of the utmost importance for healing and growth to occur. The presence of time and space and the positivity within the mind of practitioner set the stage for the client to expand their consciousness and truly believe in their own personal wellness.

So as I set out on my own to begin my private nutrition practice while studying and incorporating the concepts of Ayurveda into my own life, the lessons continued to come and go, the integration continued to deepen, and the curiosity and seeking of patterns never ceased to be fulfilled.

And then there was India. While living in India in 2016 for 4 months at a holistic retreat center and working in their Ayurveda-inspired kitchen and wellness clinic with Vedic, Chinese, Nepalese and Tibetan scholars from around the world, it became very clear that my life purpose is to continually develop my understanding of Ayurveda and how I may enrich my ability to act as a catalyst for others to learn how to care for themselves via this healing system.

I am inspired to bear witness to many of my clients, friends, and family members who are stepping out of their societal constraints that no longer serve them and opening their bodies and minds to the concepts of eastern thought, most specifically Ayurveda. I envision a society in which we are all exposed to the magic that exists within the infinite patterns of nature, in all her gorgeous forms.

Today, I offer my services as an Ayurvedic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor in person on Maui and remotely elsewhere. I offer individual nutritional consultations, monthly-subscription nutritional coaching packages, seasonal cleanse programs, shirodhara treatments, workshops, retreats, cooking classes, as well as catering and chef services for individuals & groups.

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