Panchakarma Reflections

A few days after my first karma (virechana), I took a beach stroll to enjoy the silence and allow the ocean waves to match the rhythm of my breath and I found myself climbing these boulders here. As I reached their summit, the view revealed Udupi’s infamous fisherman’s cove. Just a few moments in time that I wish to forever be embedded within my memory……reminding me of the simplicity of life, the ease that our mind may achieve, our divine connection to nature, and the importance of positive thought patterning. I find it crucial to nurture our subtle body, as it shares such a profound intimacy with our gross body and determines the quality of our wellness and longevity of our life.

Experiencing a Panchakarma (Ayurvedic ancient cleansing protocol) in India is something to share indeed! Not your Western-style posh retreat and definitely not for the faint-hearted! They do things a bit differently over here, yet what I experienced over these last three weeks at my Panchakarma center will forever change the way I approach my health, my life, and my work. For this I am grateful.