Complete Wellness Joint Consultation

Jessica Quinn, along with Prashanti de Jager, have come together to offer a unique and integrative experience for those interested in enhancing wellness. Their joint sessions are available both in person and remotely. With Prashanti’s 30 year experience in Vedic Astrology, Yoga, and Ayurveda and with Jessica’s journey as a Nutritional Therapist & Yoga Therapist, a consultation with the two of them will allow the client to open up to new realms of understanding and integration of their individualized “Complete Wellness”.
So what do these sessions consist of?
Each 2 hour session includes a face-to-face or Skype session with both Prashanti and Jessica. Various diagnostic techniques include Vedic astrology, Vedic palmistry, Ayurvedic pulse reading (face-to-face only), dosha analysis, nutritional and health intake, and more. Within a week after your session, you will receive a “Complete Wellness” program, created from the findings of your session that is designed to provide a comprehensive protocol that will be easy to integrate into your lifestyle. The program focuses on diet, lifestyle, herbs, recipes, self-care techniques, meditation, pranayama, and asanas appropriate for your complete wellness.

Contact Jessica Quinn to schedule your Complete Wellness Joint Consultation. 
$250 includes 2-hour joint session and “Complete Wellness” program
*Gift certificates and follow-up session discounts are available.



 Jessica and Prashanti offer a unique door into the Ayurvedic world that makes it easy to step into and immediately use the tried and true wisdom of this ancient lineage that takes into account the differences in what our bodies need. I have been on the “health path” for decades, but have felt confused by the various diets that promise great health, such as vegan, raw, Paleo, etc.  I read everything and tried them all, but did not feel happy in my body with most of them. I had looked at the Ayurvedic path and it made sense to me theoretically, but I didn’t know anyone who was following this path, so it remained an enigma.  After a bout of sickness, my husband Tomas and I knew we needed to tweak our diet, and find a way back to feeling healthy and strong again, so when Jessica came to my attention, I told her of my desire to move into a deeper healing path of nutrition. She mentioned that Prashanti, a Master Practitioner, was coming to Maui, so I set up an appointment with the two of them for me and Tomas.

We could not have been more pleased. Prashanti read our pluses, read our palms, looked at our astrology and asked penetrating questions on what was going on with us physically, emotionally and mentally. The depth of understanding gleaned from these windows showed Jessica and Prashanti what we needed individually, and a program was suggested that involved not only specific dietary changes we could make, but also herbs and practices that would bring us back into balance.

The process itself was fascinating, educational and delightful. We knew we were in the presence of masters. Everything that was suggested felt so right on. A very clear written program came via email just a few days after our consultation, filled with clear instructions on everything we had talked about, including delicious simple recipes that made it easy to begin to implement the protocol.
Tomas and I both are enjoying what we eat so much more. Our health began to improve rapidly. Our digestion is way better and we feel more balanced and at ease in our bodies. Our strength is coming back. We know that we have finally found a diet and that we can use the rest of our lives. Plus, we have Jessica and Prashanti whom we can consult with when we feel out of balance, so we can continue to  discover what can help us feel good for the rest of our lives.”
~Joan Heartfield, PhD : Counselor and Author of “Romancing The Beloved”
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