Personal Nutritional Consultation

Many of us have very personal needs regarding our health and nutrition. You may have specific dis-eases or health concerns that require customized nutritional guidelines or customized restorative protocols. In a personal nutritional consultation, we will focus on specific organs and body systems that need strengthening and certain emotions that need nurturing. A personal consultation will customize the appropriate foods, spices, herbs, and cooking methods that fit you, the season, and your lifestyle. Jessica draws much of her suggestions from her studies and experience with Ayurveda, the healing system originating in India.

A Personal Nutrition Consultation with Jessica Quinn includes a 75-minute session (phone/skype consults also available) as well as a personalized restorative nutrition program that meets your wellness needs and goals. You will also receive a month of support from Jessica Quinn as you integrate your program into your lifestyle. Follow-up sessions are available after a month of integration.

Contact Jessica Quinn to schedule your Personal Nutritional Consultation which includes a 75-minute session and a personalized restorative nutrition program.



Cleanse Testimonial Erin“I went through my first cleanse with Jessica and she was an absolute joy to work with! Her calm and peaceful demeanor helped tremendously throughout this powerful, first-time experience. I was excited to do a detox but very apprehensive. My 21+ day detox turned out to be an amazing journey and ultimately made me feel worlds better, physically and mentally.

Jessica’s knowledge and encouragement put me at ease and made the process easier for me. I highly recommend anyone, (first time or experienced) cleansers, to give Jessica a try. Two thumbs up!”

-Erin Pirnat : Business woman, mother, Chicago


“This work that Jessica does is really important and she makes such a positive impact with so many people. When I experience one of her cleanses, I always learn something new about myself and I look forward to her new ideas and programs. A huge key to my success was alkalinizing my body as much as possible in the weeks leading up to it. I was already on a track and the cleanse was a natural continuation of that effort. Thank you Jessica for “holding the space” to allow others to become healthy and happier. Jessica is really a special person with many gifts and I’m happy to know her and lean on her as a resource. Thanks for the support Jessica and for being you.”

-Jessica Kapoor : Marketing Manager @ Hyatt Regency, Maui


“I am 40 years old, originally from Barcelona, and living in Maui for more than 7 years now. I consider myself a healthy man. I surf, bike, play soccer, kitesurf and participate in triathlons as well. I always thought that I was eating really healthy by following the Mediterranean diet, yet since I met with Jessica for a nutritional consultation, I have learned many things and have changed many of my eating habits. After 3 months now of incorporating the knowledge I received from Jessica, I can say that I am feeling much better. I have more energy during the day, my body feels stronger, my performance during sports is much better, and my mind feels more awake. Thank you Jessica. I’m really glad that I met with you!”

-Situs Pascual : Athlete, Maui


“I highly recommend Jessica Quinn’s nutritional expertise.  I recently completed her Ayurveda in Autumn cleanse and I found her to be very knowledgeable, compassionately supportive and flexible in her approach.  She held my hand every step of the way, ensuring that I had access to all the resources I could possibly need during my process.  She offered great advice with a wide range of options to consider as I forged my way through unfamiliar territory.  I was continuously impressed by her conscientiousness and level of sensitivity.”

 -Cindi Jade Sylva : Yoga Instructor, Mother, Hawaii


“Thank you for guiding and supporting me through a cleanse.  It was a calming, uplifting experience for me.  I was in a funk, stressed at work and this really helped me out.  I feel peaceful inside again.  I have done alot of cleanses but could not come up with the strength to get back on track.  Your cleanse helped me get back on track with eating well and eating less, breathing, taking the time to make nourishing food and relaxing more.  I have so much good energy right now and am very happy.  I started to keep a journal and I plan on writing in it often. Many many thanks for your time and energy.  I think the online cleanse is a simple, effective way to do a cleanse.”

-Jacqueline Odre : Private Contractor, Hawaii


“My cleanse has been so profoundly healing for me that I have rediscovered my earth, my power, and myself. I had been very out of balance for a long time. In some ways, I have never been this grounded. My whole family is getting a huge benefit from this profound level of healing, and connection to God. I have many more layers to move through to achieve the level of focus, and energy, that I am striving for, but now I really “get” it. Thank you Jessica. Wow!!!! I have been humbled to tears.”

-Cathy Terrell : Health Field, Atlanta


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