Ayurvedic 10-Day Seasonal REBOOT

The seasons can be described as a force affecting the doshic rhythms of the body. At different times of the year, one dosha (energy that circulates in the body and governs physiological activity), is accumulating, while another is aggravated and the third is alleviated. There are 3 doshas in all. During the phase of accumulating, a specific diet will prevent aggravation. If the diet is followed during the phase of aggravation, overflow will be prevented. Therefore, seasonal eating is beneficial for prevention of dis-ease within the body and mind.

This Ayurvedic 10-Day Seasonal REBOOT is designed to reboot your body, mind, and lifestyle in order to match the natural rhythm of our current season. After these intentional 10 days, not only will you experience a more profound overall balance and ease, you will learn how to continually care for yourself during this season. The reboot includes foods, herbs, lifestyle tips, yoga asanas, and pranayama appropriate for the season.

Ayurvedic 10-Day Seasonal Reboot includes the following:

  • 10-Day Reboot Program

    Meal Plan, Herbal Plan, Day-by-Day Calendar, Daily Lifestyle Routines, Yoga Asanas, Pranayamas, & Recipes

  • Ayurvedic Spices & Herbs

    Mailed to your home or office

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Sample Meal Plan

Morning Nectar

Ayurvedic Herbal & Nut Milk Tea


Ayurvedic Fruit or Grain Medley


Kitchari or Ayurvedic Vegetable Medley


Ayurvedic Blended Vegetable Soup

Evening Nectar

Ayurvedic Herbal & Nut Milk Tea

How do you know if you need a reboot?

The body and mind will give us signals for us to take notice and make the correction. These signals are warning us of possible serious problems ahead. If you are dealing with any of the following, then it’s time to reboot!

logo Appearance

Yellowish complexion, yellow or dull whites of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, protruding lower belly, cellulite accumulation, overweight.

logo Digestion

Heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating & gas, difficulty w/ digestion, intolerance to alcohol, nausea, floating stools, loose stools, undigested food in the stool, constipation, bitter taste in the mouth, thick coating on tongue, bad breath, food allergies, body odor.

logo Skin

Acne, blemishes, rosacea, poor skin tone, swelling and edema, brown spots on the skin, increased number of visible small red blood vessels, lumps of fat under the skin or lipomas, psoriasis, eczema, brittle nails and hair.

logo Immune System

Yellowish complexion, yellow or dull whites of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, protruding lower belly, cellulite accumulation, overweight.

logo Hormones

Premenstrual syndrome symptoms especially with heightened emotional sensitivity, painful periods, diarrhea during menstruation, reactions to hormonal (birth control and menopausal) medications, hormone replacement therapy, low thyroid, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, breast lumps, decreased libido.

logo Neurological and Psychological

Headaches, irritability, insomnia, depression, poor memory, poor concentration.

logo General

Unexplained fatigue, listlessness, lethargy, weak ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles.